About Alex

My name is Alejandro Gonzalez (Alex). I’m a tattoo artist from Havana, Cuba. My story in the artistic world began when I was a little kid drawing since I’m in primary school, I’ve always loved the process of creation, seeing how things come from nothing to a great piece.

I starting tattooing when I was 15 years old (2001) as a hobby, I did a homemade machine, and started fooling around with this form of art tattooing, it was until I was 23 (2009), that I saw a friend of mine getting a big piece in the back and it was just amazing, that I decided to buy a beginner tattoo kit and started doing it as a serious business, that kit was with me for more than 4 years.

In 2014 I left Cuba and started working in Art Tattoo in Quito, Ecuador, and it was like a whole new world opening before me, new palettes, styles and forms a lot of new options, that made me love my work a lot more, after that I moved to Colombia and worked in Odink Tattoo (Pereira) while I was trying to reach USA, I was learning everything that I could about tattooing from everyone that was around me and it was great getting that much knowledge. After going thru so much in my attempt to reach USA, I finally got here in May 2016, I Started working at Envy Tattoo, after that Wolfpack and now I’m at Starlight wish is a great opportunity to achieve so much more in the art world